Making a form that sends info to a txt document

Hi. Lately i’ve tried to make forms for admin applications for my counter-strike servers. I’ve tried automatic form builders like coffe cup, and tried following tutorials.
There is a form from the coffecup form builder.
I’m not happy with it, because it sends info from everyone to 1 text document.
I wan’t a form that creates a new txt document for every submition.
Do you know how i can get started buildning this? Is it to hard? I barely know any php. I would also like to use dreamweaver.
Thanks for reply!

Didn’t look to see how it was doing it, but you would have to have it first look to see if the file existed, then if so, create a new file.

well how your gonna wanna do that I cant make it off the top of my head like some people can but this is what your gonna wanna start with

you want a Forms system (html) look that up and learn how its done very very simple


First name:

Last name:




That will be done with the Html index.php all based in html

then your gonna wanna get a php section done with it and that will select the data then be saved and Name.txt

<?php $fileLocation = getenv("DOCUMENT_ROOT") . "/GET_POST['name'].txt"; $file = fopen($fileLocation,"w"); $content = " GET_POST[name] // you will have to look proper way up GET_POST[lastname] GET_POST[sex] "; fwrite($file,$content); fclose($file); ?>[/php]

Now remember You need to have a new line for every new line in text file.

Now if im correct this should save the file as the firstname .txt

But start off with learning about forms posts, then work over to Get posts then learn about saving documents there are a lot of great sites that have some awesome examples out there. You could have it done in less then a few hours if you follow examples and read closely

You need to look to see if the file exists first, and if it does, either append it, or overwrite it.

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