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i have a web dir like

assets index.html mlmmj-test oddprotocol search search.php test.html

so the each folders mlmmj-test and oddprotocol has html files

ls mlmmj-test/
2022 index.html index.html.back listinfo.html

ls 2022
.mhonarc.db msg00000.html msg00002.html msg00004.html msg00006.html msg00008.html msg00010.html msg00012.html msg00014.html msg00016.html msg00018.html tindex.html
index.html msg00001.html msg00003.html msg00005.html msg00007.html msg00009.html msg00011.html msg00013.html msg00015.html msg00017.html msg00019.html


it loads up in browser but dont pull out any search result.

this is an active link for it

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Well, first welcome to our site!

Now, the idea of calling out to the server’s CLI to acquire files is a bit odd.
There are many many ways to acquire file lists using PHP and would be much more efficient in my opinion.
Do you have a reason for calling out to the OS to get filenames?

You might want to look at PHP’s scandir() or glob() functions.

Also, this is a code forum. Next time, please post your code here inside of code tags. Posting a link to a code page elsewhere is not much help here. You can use the quote tags or use 3 backward ticks before and after code. ` ( 3 of these on a separate line before and after your code works fine. )

As you see, the would be code...
    <somemore stuff>
    </somemore stuff>

Your code would show in a scrollable display then…

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