Mail Form Issue: Recipient dependent on multi-select list

I’m pretty much a noob at the PHP stuff. I’m trying to use a form to send an email. However, I want the email to go to different addresses based on different values chosen in a drop down box.

Here’s the mailing code I’m working with but can’t make it happen:

//Sending Email recipient based on partner value
$the_header = "From: $submitted_byn"
  . "Reply-To: $submitted_byn";
$the_subject = "Tax Department Assignment";
$the_message = "Submitted By: $submitted_byn"
. "Client Name: $client_namen"
. "Client Number: $client_numbern"
. "Partner: $partnern"
. "Date Assigned: $date_assignedn"
. "Due Date: $due_daten"
. "Detailed Description: $detailed_descriptionn";

if($partner = "Bill") {
$the_mail_to = "[email protected]";

elseif($partner = "Ernie") {
$the_mail_to = "[email protected]";

elseif($partner = "Joe") {
$the_mail_to = "[email protected]";

@mail($the_email_to, $the_subject ,$the_message ,$the_header ) ;

When I submit the form I do not get any errors, but I don’t get any emails either.

Can someone help me out with this? Thanks

You are assigning values to variables $the_mail_to and you are using $the_email_to in the mail() function. Either change the variable in the mail to $the_mail_to or add the ‘e’ on the $the_mail_to. Also it might be helpful in the future to get rid of the last elseif and just have else unless you are thinking about adding another test parameter.

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