Magento Ajax Add to Cart Extension


Magento Ajax add to cart by FME allows Magento customers to add products to cart without refreshing the page to give them hassle-free shopping experience. They can continue adding products to cart from category pages. It saves them from going back to product page every time to add a new product and from refreshing the page to get the cart updated. Ajax add to cart Magento is a great functionality to add to a Magento store to increase conversions.

[size=36pt][size=24pt]Features of Magento Ajax Extension[/size][/size]

Add to cart Ajax Magento offers the following amazing features.

[ul][li]Show related products on add to cart popup[/li]
[li]Customize Ajax loading image & text[/li]
[li]Enable progress dialog[/li]
[li]Enable ‘continue shopping’ button[/li]
[li]Enable attractive animations on add to cart[/li][/ul]

For full features of Ajax Add to cart Magento: