Lost .php files/folder from website


Accidentally lost the PHP Folder with URL/store/book_order.php for each of the five books on my website: < http://www.totlhealth.com/manuals.html > My website customers can’t get their ebooks downloaded after getting PayPal payment approval.

I’m a novice and don’t know PHP or HTML. (I have installed MAMP but don’t know what I do next… OR if I’m savvy enuf to go further. I use an iMac500, 768MB RAM, MS OFC 2004.) Is there someone out there willing to help me with the .php files/folders needed to store my ebooks on site for unlocking by Paypal to permit ebook downloading to buyers? Or make a program to do it? I don’t expect your work gratis.

HELP, please! :oops:


Who wrote the script? Have you tried contacting them?


I have contacted Casey Watson <casedogdesigns.com >. Unfortunately, he has changed jobs and hasn’t the time to research my old files of about a year ago…

Can/will you help me?


Well, if your files are lost, there’s not much we can do. Perhaps you could redownload or reinstall the thing?


Oh-oh…where do I go to download? I don’t know any archive of/for my site exists. :oops:


We don’t know. It’s YOUR script, YOU got it somewhere, and I’m sure you can get it from that very same place again.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll down a sip of ‘Rescue Remedy’ , get out my shovel and start digging. :o


I presume you don’t have a backup copy of your files somewhere? (I guess that’s the tough lesson to be learned).

If you are looking to “Hire” a programmer, might I suggest checking out http://www.scriptlance.com/ . There you can detail your project and budget. Then programmers will contact you about the job.

As has already been stated, we are here to help you. If you have a script that is acting up we can guide you in the right direction or take a look to see if we see something you don’t. We leave the Programming for Higher to the websites that specialize in that arena.


Thanks again for your advice. I’ll contact ScriptLance today. :)