Looking to create Login & ability for members to review certain aspects of site!

Okay, I am sure this is going to make some laugh or just shake their head and leave, but I would appreciate all input please!

I am just starting out with officially starting my first website. I have little experience with PHP & MYSQL, but I have been learning, researching and trying. For my site, I would like to have a login with password for users along with the ability to review or comment directly on the page. To my knowledge, this will take PHP & MYSQL to create the database and begin, etc.

So here are some questions…

Do you think it is possible for someone with not much experience to obtain this goal?
If so, with MYSQL…should I use the database with my hosting site (iPage) or should I seek a separate database? If so which one?

I appreciate any input, advice or help someone may have - Thank you so much :slight_smile:

well, technically you don’t NEED to use mysql, you could get away with using a text file, but a db makes life easier :slight_smile: I’d just use whatever your host has. Why pay 2 companies for essentially the same services?

I agree, why double the costs! Also, I feel that MySQL is simple to use in PHP. It is easy and you really do not need a lot of code to accomplish a lot. Queries are fast and easy to use. The question is: Does your host
company have MySQL as an option. If so, here is a simple walk thru tutorial that will explain a lot of the
basics. Each lesson is one small step, just click the next-lesson button to learn more…


Hope that helps…

Thank you everyone - I have started to use the hosting sites database and now am working on other problems pokes my other thread here

Thanks for your help on this issue.

Glad to help. Feel free to start another thread with your other problems. We’re here to help when needed.,

Thank you :slight_smile:

I did create another topic - If you or anyone else is able to help, please head over there :slight_smile: It is currently right under this thread.

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