Looking for a mentor to take me to the next level

I am 33 y/o. I know PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. That’s it. I understand the languages but want to make full web apps. I know there’s a million different ways to go and I’m looking for guidance on what I should learn next to help me make full web apps that are beautiful. Would like a little coaching and direction. I’m not looking for help making any project, just for someone to push me in the right direction and tell me how to put all the things I know together. Whether that’s just a comment to check something out or an ongoing relationship and mentor-ship. Would love to know your opinions. Thanks so much for your time. I promise to pay it forward once I get to where you are. I’m currently trying to work on a management system for an animal shelter which I’m doing free of charge. Thanks again, and look to hear from you all soon. Blessings, Brady.

If you want to make something beautiful, you need to study design, not development. They tend to follow different types of cognitive abilities, though people can do well at both.

Hi Brady!

Interesting topic you’re mentioning… What would your ideal way of working with this mentor be?

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