Logo Not Linking

Hi Everyone! I cannot get the logo on my site to link to the homepage for the life of me. I’m using Joomla with a Gavick template. Code is below. Could you please help? When in text mode, it links to the home page just fine, however it won’t when selected as an image.

Thank you!

<?php if ($this->getParam('logoType')=='image'): ?>

<?php echo $this->sitename(); ?>

<?php else : ?>

<?php echo GK_LOGO; ?>

<?php echo GK_SLOGAN;?>

<?php endif; ?>
<?php if (($gkmenu = $this->loadMenu())) $gkmenu->genMenu ($this->getParam('startlevel',0), $this->getParam('endlevel',-1)); ?> <?php if ($this->hasSubmenu() && ($gkmenu = $this->loadMenu())) : ?>
<?php $gkmenu->genMenu(1); ?>
<?php endif;?>

Find and replace all instances of
[php]href="{absolute path to homepage}"[/php]


What is your homepage link ?

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