Logins & Passwords

I suppose I’m somewhat of a “newbie” and would sincerely appreciate any advice or guidance any of you could provide.

I am creating a new website. Though I’ve created many pages before, they’ve been pretty basic in nature - now, I’m looking to expand. I am looking for a (relatively straightforward) way to allow users to “sign up” and “log in” when they arrive at the site. Not necessarily to block them from viewing anything when they aren’t logged in, rather to give them credit for documents or pictures that they might upload during their visit. I’ve explored a few different options, but I’m not above saying that I’ve failed miserably thus far.

Much like this site (and MANY others), I’d like them to be able to log in & stay logged in during their visit.

Again, I throw myself at your mercy. Thank you in advance for anything you can suggest.


Hi Adam,

there are plenty of login scripts available online, basically you need a registration form and a database connectr, followed by a login form. Once they have logged in you can either save the information into a cookie, session or pull it from the database.

Have a look here http://www.opensourcetutorials.com/tutorials/Server-Side-Coding/PHP/developing-a-login-system-with-php-and-mysql/page1.html

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