Login/upload/member profile script

I’m trying to find a script where members can sign up, login and have user accounts and upload/add files which can be added to different categories. What I need is:

  • Member profile with website information, user name etc., uploaded/added files, favorites and preferrably the chance to upload an avatar, the ability to post messages from other users
  • Upload/add videos/pictures ONLY for registered users
  • When members upload/add their videos/pictures it will be added to a database so admins have to accept before put on the website
  • A list of categories the videos/pictures can be added to which us, the admins, can add manually in a simple way

So let’s say Member A register, he or she gets a profile, post on other members’ message boards, add favorites from other uploads, upload hers or his own content which will then be added to a specific category.

A plus will be to have a search bar so members can search for specific content from the categories.

I’ve used MySQL before but only ready made scripts so I have no idea how to make one like this. I am familiar with PHP and CSS so the layout of the script doesn’t matter.

Is there a script like this?

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