Little php mail issue


Hi! It’s probably something silly, but i’m a mere designer and not a php wizard, so maybe someone here could help?

Old domain name was acquired before the rightful owner could renew it, and the developer is reluctant to help. My CMS admin panel proposes a Newsletter section to reach members, but keeps sending emails from the old domain, and i’d like to fix it

In ModNewsletter.php, i found this section of code:
[php]$CLib ->

Basically i would like to hardcode the complete email address with the new domain name, since i’m unable to change the one called by php. But i’m not sure of the right syntax and the last part is quite mysterious to me, so i’m not sure it should be kept or removed.

Should I rewrite




I hope i’m making sense.
Thanks in advance!


This setting: $aworld[settings][uri] is something stored inside your CMS. Your would have to look around the code and find the setting to change. My guess is that you have a file called CMS_Settings.PHP or .INI where you can change the above for all pages. Or, you could do a search of all pages to find where this setting was set up. Lastly, you could just take that out and put yours in. So, your “info@”.$aworld[settings][uri] would become just "" with your domain in there…

Hope that helps, Good luck…


thanks a lot!
when i accepted the mission, i thought it would just be a matter of changing php.ini, but it appeared the file is in a parent folder and there’s no access for me.
So the last solution will do just fine

And thanks again. It’s much appreciated to find such a forum, where experienced people are willing to give a bit of time and help newbies. The web is still a nice place :wink:


You are welcome! I marked this solved…

One more thing to make sure you are clear. Your CMS panel should have a “SETTINGS” area or a “SYSTEM” area that contains system-wide admin settings. Sometimes it is in a very hidden menu or sometimes right in front of your face. I would check that out first. Usually it is NOT php.ini as this is a global PHP area not a user’s admin area. So, a CMS admin area would be a folder in your site’s root called CMSpanel, ADMIN, administration, control-panel, something like that and in there would be a default.ini, default.php, settings.php, or some other file that would be clearly marked as the global settings for your CMS site.

Perhaps that might help you further…


well, the settings panel didn’t contain such a thing, nor the Admin folder.
But overwriting info@".$aworld[settings][uri] with the full email address worked like a charm :slight_smile: