List box problem...pls help !!!!


Sorry to interrupt, but i really need help. I doing a project with now.
the problem that i face is like tat.

I doing a list box to allow the user choose the option,after the user have choose the option,a data will automatically show at another text box which jst beside it.

Example, when user choose A from the list box, the text box will show APPLE.

Sounds like a JavaScript problem to me. Have you tried

i have try d javascripts, but it’s not work with the database.

The option from the dropdown list is from database, and then data that show at another text box also retrieve form database.

when i choose A, the data is retrieve from the database tot he text box and show APPLE.

That sounds like something you could do with AJAX. However, I wouldn’t recommend AJAX unless it’s your only option to save a life. You could have PHP extract all possible options from the database, load it into the page as JavaScript variables, then have JavaScript determine which variables to show based on the selection of the dropdown.

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