linking two registrations apps?


I want to know if I am going to be wasting my time on a project I want to start… I know nothing at all about php and mysql… in fact I have succesfully destroyed three websites in 2 months trying to get one up and running doing some stuff I want… while I have been able to find thing and make works rounds… the work rounds are not ideal.

I currently have a forum, and I have poker room for a select few members…

you have to sign up for both… what I would like to do is change the create player (create.php) to auto fill the user name and email address and password from the forum database… all the user has to do then is fillin the confirm password and hit enter.

the problem is A, I dont know where to start, B while the database used are one in the same the forum tables begin phpbb_ and the poker ones have none.

all code is open source so I am free to change at will but I am not allowed to sell on the code

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