Linking to internal pages in PHP

Hi Guys,

First post on this forum, as i am new to php.

I am having some trouble linking pages within php.

Basically i have written the code Hello.

The problem is, when i click this, it does not do anything.

When i use Chrome Dev Tools and click on search_results.php, it takes me to the correct page.

If anyone could shed some light on what i need to do to make this work it would be great.



Hey Callum!
You are going to need some code like this:

<?php print "

Click here to continue"; ?>


Keep in mind if you are using HTML within PHP, you will need to print the command. Also when printing, you’ll need to add a \ before any " because PHP still reads anything inside of “” as a variable or string. /" tells the system to ignore it for those purposes. Remember that you will still need the opening and closing "s though. I just tried this and it worked for me. :smiley: Good luck!

EDIT: My apologies. Anywhere in the above instructions that I talk about a / I actually mean a .
EX: /" should be "
I still get those backwards, just learned PHP today. XD
And I apologize for bumping, I couldn’t find an EDIT button anywhere.

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