Linking Management

Hi, i am badly after a linking management system. All the LMS i can find are ‘Yahoo Style’ ones, where users can add their own links. This is no good to me! Im after a simple LMS that seperates the data from the content. This way i can add pages quickly online without having to reproduce the code and upload pages. is a classic example of the sort of thing i want. If you use the navigation bar to the left you’ll notice what i mean. E.g “

if anyone knows of a good script then that would be great! Cheers.

Have you tried

I have had a look through, but again these all seem to be ‘yahoo style’ link managment scripts. Unless im searching the wrong category! Do you know exactly what i mean? Maybe im searching for the wrong thing! I hate being a newbee!

I guess I am kinda confused on what you mean. Don’t worry about it, we all have to start somewhere!

Doesn’t look too hard to make… use a template and based on the variable $section display/include some HTML code in the empty area of the template.

Sound about right? If you want to program it you can start by looking at in the tutorials/basics section “Writing a Template System in PHP”.

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