Linkchecker in forms

Hello everybody,

thank you for reading my problem.

Not sure if I’m in the right forum but I hope somebody can help me out.
I have a wordpress website with a lot of links located in a form.

This form is created by contactform7 and contactic.
Visitors can provide links in the contactform and it will be directly submitted on the webpage.
See example setup on

I use a broken link checker plugin to check the site on broken links but it is not seeing the links in the form on the website.

The maker of the plugin “broken links” said: Broken Link Checker doesn’t scan the site in “front-end” (like e.g. search engine crawler would) so if these links/tables are only available on front-end when the site is already rendered it won’t be able to see them.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?`

Kind regards

The table on your example is generated by javascript, after the page has loaded; it’s not in the markup, so your broken links checker can’t see it. You need something that can look at the links as they’re stored in your database.

Hi Skawid,

thank you very much for your time and effort answering my question.

Is there a way to have the form be placed in another way that the plugin can read it?

For example. If I make a form in Office Word and I publish it with XML-RPC on my blog then the plugin is able to read the information in that form.

So there must be a kind of form what is readable.

kind regards


Can’t you publish your contact form in the same way as the one you’re publishing from word?

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