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the site has a small product mysql database and in the description field I need to add a link to another page but the link is not showing as a link but as code in the page. What do I do? I tried:
To see video of the product click HERE.
Thanks in advance for your help.

That would work in the html, but if you’re trying to store that as an SQL variable (which might be why its displaying as code) you’d be better served just putting either text-only or a sub-link into the description than trying to sanitize and then unsanitize the variables so you can carry things like </ and " // through later.

Your SQL description row could look something like this
video1.php (you might need to specifically set the field to allow periods depending on how you have it set up)

and then when the value from the field is called from your query, assign it as something like
$text = ‘To see product video click’;
$root = ‘’;
$link = $root . $sql_var;
$full = $text . ’ HERE’;

in the php. You can either echo $full or call it separately from a template loop to display it in the html.

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