Line 25 Fatal Error message


When I try to go to my shopping cart, I get this fatal error message. The software is probably from 2009. It has been working well for all this time until december. I don’t know if an updated php caused this to stop working or if there is another issue. I don’t know how to proceed from here.
The error points to Line 25, whatever that means. Any help is appreciated.

The webhost tried restoring a backup, but the backup was from after it wasn’t working anymore. The webhost supports php 5.4, but mine might be 5.3 or earlier. Help please!

Here’s the error message (the xxxxxxx is where my login name is normally)

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method LanguageDAO::connect() in /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/framework/LanguageDAO.class.php:25 Stack trace: #0 /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/framework/Language.class.php(25): LanguageDAO->_getDefault() #1 /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/framework/Language.class.php(45): Language->Language(NULL, ‘’) #2 /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/conf/ Language::getInstance(NULL, ‘’) #3 /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/cart.php(3): require_once(’/home1/xxxxxxxx…’) #4 {main} thrown in /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/framework/LanguageDAO.class.php on line 25


You already have a thread on this forum for this, from three days ago. Did you read it, check for the most likely cause given, and if you cannot find the problem yourself, did you consider posting the relevant code like suggested?