LDAP help

I have recently setup phpmyfaq on a test machine. Everything works great except, I am trying to get the LDAP portion working and can’t seem to figure out the errors. LDAP support is enabled as well within phpmyfaq.

Here is my ldap.php file setup:


<?php $PMF_LDAP["ldap_server"] = ''; $PMF_LDAP["ldap_port"] = 389; $PMF_LDAP["ldap_user"] = '[email protected]'; $PMF_LDAP["ldap_password"] = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx'; $PMF_LDAP["ldap_base"] = 'DC=domain,DC=com'; [/php] When I toggle debugging, here are some of the errors that it throws. I am using only the username/pw combo, no domain info within the login phpMyFAQ warning [2]: ldap_get_values() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\inc\Ldap.php on line 231 DEBUG INFORMATION: C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\inc\Init.php: PMF_Configuration->getAll() in line 106: SELECT config_name, config_value FROM faqconfig C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\inc\PMF_User\CurrentUser.php: PMF_Auth_AuthDb->checkLogin() in line 155: SELECT login FROM faquserlogin WHERE login = 'username' C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\index.php: PMF_Session->checkSessionId() in line 231: SELECT sid FROM faqsessions WHERE sid = 9 AND ip = '' AND time > 1359697460 C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\index.php: PMF_Session->checkSessionId() in line 231: UPDATE faqsessions SET time = 1359783860, user_id = -1 WHERE sid = 9 AND ip = '' C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\inc\Category.php: PMF_Category->getOrderedCategories() in line 160: SELECT fc.id AS id, fc.lang AS lang, fc.parent_id AS parent_id, fc.name AS name, fc.description AS description, fc.user_id AS user_id FROM faqcategories fc LEFT JOIN faqcategory_group fg ON fc.id = fg.category_id LEFT JOIN faqcategory_user fu ON fc.id = fu.category_id WHERE ( fg.group_id IN (-1) OR (fu.user_id = -1 AND fg.group_id IN (-1))) AND fc.lang = 'en' GROUP BY fc.id, fc.lang, fc.parent_id, fc.name, fc.description, fc.user_id ORDER BY fc.id C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\index.php: PMF_Tags->existTagRelations() in line 398: SELECT COUNT(record_id) AS n FROM faqdata_tags C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\index.php: PMF_Session->getUsersOnline() in line 432: SELECT count(sid) AS anonymous_users FROM faqsessions WHERE user_id = -1 AND time > 1359783560 C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\index.php: PMF_Session->getUsersOnline() in line 432: SELECT count(session_id) AS registered_users FROM faquser WHERE session_timestamp > 1359783560 C:\wamp\www\pst\kb_lab\inc\Faq.php: PMF_Faq->getStickyRecordsData() in line 2978: SELECT fd.id AS id, fd.lang AS lang, fd.thema AS thema, fcr.category_id AS category_id FROM faqdata fd LEFT JOIN faqcategoryrelations fcr ON fd.id = fcr.record_id AND fd.lang = fcr.record_lang LEFT JOIN faqdata_group AS fdg ON fd.id = fdg.record_id LEFT JOIN faqdata_user AS fdu ON fd.id = fdu.record_id WHERE fd.lang = 'en' AND fd.date_start <= '20130202064420' AND fd.date_end >= '20130202064420' AND fd.active = 'yes' AND fd.sticky = 1 AND ( fdu.user_id = -1 OR fdu.user_id = -1 )

I figured this out after several trial an error attempts. No help needed. thanks,

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