Laravel Holiday Calendar

Hi All,

I am having a Travel Plan Dashboard designed using Laravel Framework. So now I want to make a holiday calendar based on location. Any ideas would be of great help. I need to know how can I have a calendar wherein all holidays will be displayed and also these holidays should be downloaded in Excel/CSV format.

Repost your question so its actually readable by others…

You have not provided any links to this ‘laravel’ calendar… or even what it is (for those that do not know)

If you are having this designed by someone else… why arent you asking them to do this for you?


I have designed a tool using Laravel Framework wherein I need to have a plugin or something that gives me a list of Holidays in India based on location. I tried to find links but couldn’t find any so seeking help. The tool isn’t designed by someone else but it is myself who is trying to add this feature as a part of requirement.
I hope that now my question is clear.

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