Laptop monitor issue

I am wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot a laptop monitor.

i will not mention brand or model to avoid legal issues for our wonderful community. Thus, i have a laptop/notebook with Windows 10. The system is a year old. I woke up one morning and the monitor frame was broken. I was shocked and i couldn’t understand what had happened. I looked around a bit and i noticed that the hinge had burst overnight. The hinge is screwed into plastic. Unbelievable! Anyway, i still have a warranty, so i contacted the manufacturer. Long story short, the manufacturer tried to charge me for the repair despite the hinge breaking being a known issue with the model. After pointing this out, they repaired the hinge. However, the monitor still goes black, so they didn’t fully repair the damage caused by the faulty hinge. So, i cannot see my desktop now. Sometimes the system starts and i can see the desktop. Suddenly the screen flickers like some sort of intereference, then it goes black or even all white.

Is this a cable/connector issue? or is it the monitor? i am not a repairman, so i am not sure.

any opinions are welcome. I’d like to try to solve the issue before i give up and buy an external monitor.

I would contact them again and point out that the repair was not complete.

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Hello astonecipher and i hope that all is well with you,

i certainly want to do this but i’m afraid that i will need an attorney at this point. The company has been resistant from the start. I had to point out that it is a known issue discussed on their own website forum. After that, my bill was $0.00. Now i know why it is zero: they only repaired the hinge. I did nothing to damage the system. I was sleeping. The hinge burst when i tried to open the lid. The monitor frame was separated from the monitor and the force of the explosion even removed the camera cable. At first, they tried to say that i did something to it because the lid has a scratch. Anyway, they even pulled the model off the market because they know that it is faulty.

I am not alot of things in this lifetime and an engineer is one. But i am not stupid. I’m street smart. As soon as i got this model home, i mentioned that the hinge felt like it had too much tension on it. I have no idea who designed this monitor but let’s hope that they do not have a college degree. Even i can tell that there is too much tension for such a small screw to be attached to nothing but plastic. Anyway, i will just get an external monitor and never buy from this company again.

I don’t want a legal battle or to be without my laptop for extened period of time.

forgot about this thread: i added a new laptop to my arsenal and destroyed my old laptop with a broken monitor. problem solved. i posted this on the new laptop.

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