Just wondering if there is an open source GUI front end for MySQL?


It would be nice to be able to design my database graphically rather than entering table definitions at the MYSQL> command line…


PHPMyAdmin :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ll check it out… Do you know anything about MySQL Workbench? I found it on a Google search and just downloaded it, but haven’t installed it yet. I really hate installing software on my 'puter without knowing anything about it, even though I let my AV have a go at it first.


nop, no ideas, PHPMyAdmin is a PHP script which allows you to manage your mysql server.
I`ve been using just PHPMyAdmin untill now and i think this is the best management tool for Mysql databases.

Give it a try perhaps you will like it.

Mysql workbench is a aplication you have to install it, phpmyadmin is a php script… you need a apache/php/mysql server in order to use it.


Bummer. I just tried to launch PHPMyAdmin and it told me I need PHP 5.2+. Unfortunately, I downloaded WINLamp from SourceForge and I have PHP 5.1.4.

Since I’m a noob at PHP, I’m fearful of downloading PHP 5.4.0 and screwing up everything that I got working.

So I’ll just plug along with the MySQL command line prompt and define my tables that way…

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


download and install EASYPHP from easyphp.org :wink: thats what i use :slight_smile:


phpmyadmin is not a gui for mysql. You cant design databases in a visual representation.
However MySQL Workbench does have a neat visual database tool for to do this as well as making the relationships from table to table. It gives a huge advantage when building a database in comparison to a tui interface as phpmyadmin or the command tool which comes with mysql.


I’ve used both phpmyadmin and MySQL Workbench, and I’ve gotta say that I think Workbench is alot more comfortable to work with.


I think that you should stick to phpmyadmin.

This is better to help you understand what you are working with as you should try to gain a good knowledge of SQL commands, and it also comes in most ‘server’ setups.

For example, XAMPP for all major OS’s has Apache, PHP, mySQL and PHPmyAdmin pre installed!

I recommend it! Hope this helped.


Xampp or Wamp both allow for multiple versions.


Also, I have tried most of the GUI DB apps… All are nice and all do the work in different levels.
I suggest to try a few and pick your favorite. I use PHPmyAdmin for quick fixes and simple updates.
And, MySQL Workbench for long term work where I need to keep running queries or making DB changes.
Both are handy!


Again a lot of people don’t understand the OP

It would be nice to be able to design my database graphically rather than entering table definitions at the MYSQL> command line...
PHPMyAdmin is NOT a graphical db designer, MySQL Workshop IS and PHPMyAdmin is slow because it's a script, you get more functionality from an app. Such as HeidiSQL (Win), MySQLcc (Linux/Win), both are free :) MySQL Workshop is big in comparison to a majority of DB Apps, however the graphical design interface is superb, especially when you are new to db's and want to see a layout of your tables and relationships and to build the more complex db's.

I would say please read the OP, understand what the user is asking for.


Laffin, I disagree with you. He was asking for something NOT A COMMAND LINE SQL system.
All of the ones people discussed are NOT command line systems. They are graphical displays of the database.
That is what he was asking about. That is my opinion of this topic.

Fredashay??? Did any of these help? Did you get what you needed?