Just wanted to share my website

So I just decided to share my main website that I have been working on over the last 3 to 4 months. I’m a photographer and a website developer, so I have decided to incorporate both into one. I really am not looking for feedback.

I don’t have a registration system and I think of not having one as I just want have main website as kind of a showcase in the design aspect of it. Though I might in the future as I get it more developed. I am using grids and a little bit of flex in my CSS.

Here’s the link to the website : https://www.miniaturephotographer.com/

I have a GitHub repository for it: https://github.com/Strider64/Miniature01282021

Nice and simple :slight_smile:

Should you not have a Privacy link and Agree checkbox for your Contact Form?

I’m old school and keep on forgetting about the new privacy stuff. I go way back before the internet when I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board Service) where that was even unheard of. I just keep on forgetting to do it, but I will get around to it. As right now I’m not offering any services, but I don’t want get a bad rep. Thanks for pointing that out.

No worries, i’m at www.ansdellfixit.uk and i also used the new css grid system :sunglasses: much better then having loads of div containers and or tables from html4! or even worse FLOAT!

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