Just joined: from Norway :)

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[td]“Obsessed” (some might say) of computers since I first touched one . I often say I feel lucky I was never bitten by OGD (Obsessive Gaming Disorder) as so many others, instead I’ve always striven to learn everything I could.

My coding experience started with simple HTML websites when iframes, tables and gifs were the standard (1998), and it really just progressed from there. Around year 2000 I was spending a lot of time with an open source C++ project, but after a couple of years my focus again shifted back to web development.[/td]

I now work in the local department of an international software company. We develop and maintain flexible and limitless IT solutions for supporting one throughout the entire education life cycle.

I’m born and raised in northern Norway. Some of our trademark “showoffs” are amazing nature, midnight sun (24/7 sun in the summer), Aurora Borealis, and long winters…

I am active in our local code club for children, which I think is a great way to try to inspire kids around the globe into actually beeing productive while using the computer. I personally prefer open source, and choose it whenever I have the possibility to.

Welcome JimL to phphelp.

It’s really nice to see people like you joining help forums. Hope to learn a lot from you. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m not exactly sure what “people like me” are, but hope I can live up to the expectations ^^ I learn new stuff almost every day, so I am also looking forward to my time here at phphelp :slight_smile:

haha… “People Like You” who are expert at programming and have professional experience in this field as well.

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