Jquery question

i get an error message when users try to sign up through a client sign up form on my website, this is the error: ?captcha=x6wyt&error_msg=%27%27+is+not+a+valid+email+address+in+the+basic+format+local-part%40hostname&error_code=3

i was told this has something to do with jquery,
“but it doesn’t work if you have conflicting jQuery libraries (or simply haven’t copied all code). The fix? See if you can disable your own jQuery library or use a PHP based version of the sign up form.”

just wondering how i can go about doing the above instructions as it wont go any further than the register screen

Without seeing the source code and the versions of jQuery that you’re using, I don’t know how you expect anybody to help you…

woops almost forgot that pastebin wasn’t working for me earlier


thats the register.htm

and how do i see which version of Jquery please?

Have you contacted purewebhost to see if it’s a problem with their captcha?

i own purewebhost its my problem not sure how fix this wondered if anyone can help me

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