jQuery blocking PHP session variable update

I am attempting to create a very simple login form with one field. I am using PHP and an array to determine who has access, and I am using some jQuery to style the page with a gentle fade in and, hopefully, fade out.

It is the fade out that has me completely stumped, actually. Here is the link:

you’ll see that the page fade’s nicely in, but if you type in the correct phrase to get in, “goin”, it does not fade out before going to the next page. What I would like it to do is fade out before it fades in on the next page.

The PHP that is being used is here:

The jQuery code is here:

As you can see after enter is entered the user is redirected to protected.php. The only thing is, this executes before PHP has a chance to validate the information and start the PHP session. I have no idea how to get it so that when they hit enter, the fade out does happen, but that it then goes to protected.php with the user logged in as a user on the PHP session.

Any direction or guidance would be wonderful, I’ve been looking for hours and haven’t found a working solution.

It appears to behave differently in Chrome and FF. In FF it doesn’t fade and loads the page. In Chrome it does fade but doesn’t reach the page (it loops back to the login).


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