javascript and php


I have a javascript that will display multiple dates and change the color of the dates of events that have already past. I would like to modify this or create a new script to make it so that I don’t have to put the events into the code. I’d like to put the events in a mysql and have php used to do the exact same thing that javascript is already doing. Does anyone know how to do that? or how to help me figure it out?

Here’s the javascript:


Yes, I am sure this can be done with php. What do you have done in PHP now? Can you be more clear on what the exact problem is?


right now I don’t have any php written. All that I know what to do right now is connect to the database and table. I just need to know how to input the id, the event, and the two dates in the right place.


Then you should read a tutorial.

We aren’t here to teach you the language. If you know the language, or are learning it actively, and you still have troubles, then come back here and tell us what attempts you have made.