Anyone one here know Java? I am getting bored with Php & Mysql. Time to learn something new.

Not trying to be all “Java sucks bandwagony” - I’m just not that intrigued by it.

How about:
Javascript/Typescript, Rust, Go. Try Angular/React to create webapps - or Ionic to make html5 mobile apps (with Angular). Spend some time with Unity and make a game (C# or JS)!

Is it my lack of knowledge or is C#, C++ on the MS Windows side of things?

I guess - haven’t dabbled too much with C++ since I stopped using a p2p file sharing tool written in it 13 or so years ago. Did a quick search for comparisons and hit someone saying C# is on a bit higher abstraction level than C++, I have no idea if that’s the case but at least what I remember of C++ compared to my experience with Unity seem to suggest that is the case. Though of course a lot could have happened the last 10+ years…

I spent a little time messing with Python. That seems interesting. I made myself a little python app to recursively print filenames on windows. Wanted it to get a list of all my music mp3’s. I just made a CRUD generator in Php that creates a complete back end admin from a database at the push of a button, so there really isn’t anything left to do with Php/Mysql for me. Need a new challenge.

Interesting - I still feel like every time I’m about to reach the end of the stairs I see it’s just another floor with a new set of stairs continuing on. I might be weird (in fact I know I am), I just have this drive to continously improve how I write code. Luckily lately I’ve been doing smaller projects and I can then afford to make changes in the next project. If you’re stuck on some monstrosity of a project you’re usually pretty stuck with what you’ve got.

It can be refreshing with a new focus though. I ended up at a company a few years back that was heavy into ExtJS - and I was there in a transition to convert the project into AngularJS. The backend was written in PHP but it was of course a time with heavy JS (and frontend) focus. It actually made me realize that even though I suck at designing I actually enjoy the UX part of front end development. Prior to this I was most happy when I worked with plain back end code, preferably just dumping JSON.

If you want to look into PHP again I’d look into the top frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, etc), “testing all the things” (unit, acceptance, regression), MVC (ref frameworks), domain driven design, php7, hacklang/hhvm, sockets (no you actually don’t need node!), etc etc.

I’m getting ready to learn Go.

C++ is the OOP version of C with slightly more abstraction. Did both for a bit, never liked C++, but it has nothing to do with Microsoft other that you can use Visual Studio as the IDE.

C# is java on steroids. Much better in my opinion and one that is continuing to grow.

Also know Java, not too found of it although it is useful. Same thing as php, you need to focus on the modern, not the old way of doing things. GUI’s should use F/x not awt or swing.

Python is fun and a bit of a functional language as well. 2.7 is still highly used, though new stuff is generally in 3.5. Beware the libraries, they have tight version restrictions.

java is the best platform, in fact trending platform and its quite easy too.

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