I've Got Problems!

Hey guys!

I am taking on a large task. That is I’m trying to create a log in system on my website. I’ve made it farther than what I thought but ran into a issue. I have no PHP knowledge (other than the few things I picked up doing this). I downloaded a zip file of a login system. I got it going on my site and so here is the problem.

My question all summed up is: Where is the submit button for logging in taking or running the user to?

There are a ton of different script files. The log in and register both have a submit button obviusly but I don’t know what it is doing when you click it. It did make an account despite going to a unknown page so it is working. Here is the line for the button:


There is no link or anything it is running! Can anyone help me out? I can provide more info if need be.

Oh and I have a feeling there will be plenty of more questions from me!


Not sure I understand your question. Usually where is the button, there is a html form (OR some javascript that is executed when you press button). If there is a form, you can check form’s action attribute.

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