Items on a page out of order in Firefox but not in Chrome


If someone could look at this page using Firefox first you’ll see that the items on the page are scattered as in not in order.

If you look at the same page in Chrome you’ll see them in a nice order the way it should be that being that Row 1, Row 2, Row 3 have two bios per row and Row 4 has one bio on the left.

I’m just not sure why in Firefox the layout of all seven bios isn’t right but in Chrome they are. I’m not a PHP programmer but I’ll post the code that’s generating this page if need be.

You’ll only be able to see the page if you’re in the US. All other countries are blocked.


First it wouldn’t be a PHP issue, but HTML and CSS.

Secondly, I don’t see a real difference.



And on Chrome



I do see this error in FireFox

Typekit: the domain "" isn't in the list of published domains for kit "dtx2ifv".


Thanks. I see they’re the same now. Can you check using IE if you have Windows and upload a screen grab of it. I’m on a Mac so I can’t. I realized that my FF browser wasn’t open as wide as Chrome was and when I pulled FF wider all seven bios fell into place.


It looks like chromes version on Edge. IE I have to fire up a VM for testing to get a real client environment.


I see Edge is the browser for Windows 10. So they dumped the name IE after Windows 9 then. Can you send me screen shots of the page in question from IE and Edge?


Attached is a screen shot of what the page looks like on my Android phone using Chrome and Firefox. Same on both. The first three rows are perfect. Its the 4th row where there’s only one profile. Its supposed to be on the left just like in the desktop version but as you can see his is on the right. Any ideas?