Issues with lilac

Please allow me to start by explaining that I am not a programmer and I have no idea what is wrong with my system or how to describe it, so please be patient with me… Thank you,

Here is the situation. I wanted to install Nagios on a FreeBSD box to monitor our networked devices and add the lilac front end configurator. Lilac is a PHP application. The installation went well. Nagios is working fine (but I can’t use it yet), PHP is fine, MySQL is fine and even lilac works fine, for the most part. I can configure it and add my devices and all, but I can’t export the configuration to Nagios. It keeps telling me Engine export process failed to complete successfully.

I looked for help on the FreeBSD forum and on the official lilac forum and I was not able to make it work. Please review these two threads to see how things evolved.

  1. FreeBSD forum:

  2. Lilac Forum: (also contains the link above)

I am willing to provide any information you may require in order to get to the bottom of this, but I am not an advanced user. So please, every request to run a command should be accompanied by clear instructions on how to run it.

Thank you kindly,

I’ve never heard of lilac, but are there any errors being reported in the log? Check the permissions on the export destination too.

we will be willing to help but what does lilac do for nagios

Hi and thank you for being able to offer help with that.

Basically lilac is a web based front end for nagios. It is a graphical interface that stores all the configuration you want to perform in nagios until it is exported to it. It’s a lot easier to add commands and devices to monitor in nagios than doing by editing the configuration files.

Please let me know of any other information you may need.

Thank you,

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