Issue with size of variables in form processing

I have a form containg several textarea input boxes which when posted, sends out an email. It works fine but intermittently, I’d receive emails from users telling me the form didn’t work. I finally tracked it down to the amount of text entered on the form. Entering over a certain amount and the form fails on submit. LEss than that and it works A-ok.

I’m looking at my phpinfo(), but I’m not sure what setting I need to change for this. Can anyone help?

Sounds like you need to set a character limit, you can enter well over 1000 characters in that block without any problems. It might not be an issue with the field though, the email server might be truncating it.

Thank for the reply richei, I did finally resolve this issue. I needed to bump the memory_limit in php.ini from 60M to 100M. I saw that setting, but honestly could not believe my script/varibles took up 60M, so initially ignored it…

That must be one big email heh

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