Isset Not Working?


I’m trying to use isset as a way to see if the delimiters exist when grabbing info from a page, but it still gives me the “Notice: Undefined offset” line for lines 3, 4, and 6 (numbers just for explaination) of this piece of code:

1 preg_match(’/blank">(.*)</A>/i’, $file_string, $website);
2 if (isset ($website)){
3 $website_out = $website[1];
4 if ($website[1]==" "){
5 echo “no data 7
6 else {echo $website[1].”

hello Asknopf,

i think you have to use $website[‘1’] instead of $website[1];
I suggest you that before proceed once check the $website result you are getting.

i hope this will helpful for you.


What do you mean by delimiters? Do you mean “arguments”?
Also, you do not show us enough code. You do not show how “$file_string, $website” are defined.
They are show as a string first and an array later… So, we need more info on your needs…