is this possible?


I work on a couple of hundred properties and would like on my site a way for my customers to be able to type in there door number and postcode/zipcode example

ab1 1ab

this would then take them to a page where it has there details and any amount outstanding on there accounts, talking to my customers they would prefer this over having to register an account.

but im not sure if this would be possible at all.

the only issue i see is the door number if i did it as a user/password that i setup for the customer, if i had say 2 properties with the same door number.

thanks in advance.


I’d recommend generating a random string (code) for each customer and letting them use that.

Ie send them a welcome/thank you for using us/onboarding email and include a link to

Then you can just store the code in the customer table and look up info based on it.

With your solution (door number/zip code) it would be much simpler for someone else than the actual customer to get access to the customers data

Would be what I use.


thanks for all your help guys finally got something figured out, rather than the random string i went with unique ids that i can give to my customers that would be abit easier to remember than the string but only got the idea from your replies so thanks again.