is this possible by PHP ?


I want to have a database, that we can add these things in to it ,

Kurdish Word , Perisan translate , English translate , and example sentence , and …

then we want to have a script , so that we give this Script code to the webmasters, to add this script to their site , when they add this script to thier site , a random kurdish word with its translating will be showed in their site…

is that possible by PHP or I should search it somewhere else…

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You’d have to manually create your own translation matrix which is possible in php, however you’d need your ‘clients’ to run a version of php which will run from your database.

If you cant do that maybe you could use some sort of javascript or java to do the job for you?


Yes everything you want to do is possible with PHP. The database of translations will have to be created and maintained by you and the others can access the DB remotely. Caution however because for them to do that they will need access to the database. I suggest you set up a user that can only select rows (see GRANT) and then use that users information for the DB. You will also have to isolate/jail the DB as much as possible so hackers can’t access it or anything else. Please see the mysql manual for security information.

Creating the database is relatively easy. I always refer people to the codewalkers basic tutorial called “Creating Dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL”. There you will learn all the basics of creating and manipulating a database with PHP (just skip the install part). If you are more interested in creating a good database design for your project I can also give you a few links to learn more about that.

To select a random column from a database you may be able to just do it with the SQL. Maybe something like:
If you only want 1 column use the LIMIT keyword in the SQL.

RAND() - … ml#IDX1362


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