Is there a reason why new members are attacked here and given negative karma?


As asked.


As on any other forum, on you receive karma points from other forum members. If you get negative karma, probably some of your posts were offensive, or otherwise violated forum rules. You may want to check our posting guidelines.


I didn’t give the negative one, but i could guess the post that got it for you.


I’m a friendly, kind-hearted guy, but I’ll reply not so nicely when someone insults me without provocation.

I’ll go find a PHP help site where new members are welcome, and you don’t have to be a member of the clique to be treated with respect.

I’m outta here!

Administrator: please delete my account.


Just for reference - this is the thread where he got the negative rep ( I guess he’s just overly sensetive because i don’t see any intended insult.


I am very sorry, but, this is just so very very silly!

He calls someone a moron and then get’s mad about it? If I ever call any of you a moron, please say anything you wish back. But, I will NEVER call any of you a moron because that is just silly.

He calls someone a moron and then quits? Silly!

PS: Okay, now rant back at me for calling him “silly”! LOL


lol, i know. the guy that tried to help him got yelled at. But if he thinks this small place is bad, wait til he finds out what the others are like. that’s why i came here :slight_smile: He’ll be back soon enough.