Is there a PHPHelp Discord?

As per topic. I’m new here and I know a lot of communities implement a ‘real time’ touchpoint, I just wondered if you guys have a discord (or similar) group?

Not essential of course, but always nice to know if there is one.


Welcome to the site. There are PHP chat rooms, but, most programmers use forums like this one and several of the other famous ones like Stack Overflow. It is very hard to “chat” about PHP as you can learn programming free on so many sites. Here is an example of a tutorial site. The code on it is not always the best way to create your PHP code with, but, it is had for quick references. WWW-Schools Or just go to the main PHP site. But, harder to learn there in my humble opinion, for a beginner.

But, as you progress you may ask any of your programming questions here. There a many helpful programmers here to assist. Glad you could join us!

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