Is there a php editor?

hello world,
by a php editor im thinking of something similar to microsoft frontpage, or dreamweaver mx. i have microsoft frontpage (latest version) right now and its really easy to use, i was wondering if there was a program like that except to edit php sites? OR is there some special option in microsoft frontpage that will allow me to create a php site using that? thank you all for future response!!

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Since PHP is actual server side scripting, you need to have access to the underlying code to edit it.

You can do that with almost any web page creater. However, it’s not a VISUAL drag-and-drop that you have with Front Page .

However you can check here for possibilities.

thank you peg110, i reviewed the website and there are many downloads i can choose from to test.
Q1. What does “Syntax Highlighting” mean?
Q2. Does anyone have any recommendations for PHP Editors?
Q3. Would I be better off just coding/scripting my PHP in notepad? (Is is easier? or much more diffucult? what are thoughts on ‘coding in notepad’ and ‘editor’??

thanks all who respond
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sorry i made mistake
what are thoughts on ‘coding in notepad’ and ‘editor’??
should be:
what are thoughts on ‘coding in notepad’ VS ‘using editor’??

here is a list of PHP editors

for a beginner I would recommend winsytax - small and easy to use but it is only for windows.

Syntax Highlighting is where you get some meaningful colors to indicate what you are doing.

for example, in this forum if you use the [ PHP ] tags, you get color coding to tell you functions, variables, or just plain text .

Example Using the PHP tag


<?php $result = mysql_query('SELECT * from TABLE'); // The above is a function to show highlighting. ?>


You can see the difference in the Syntax Highlighting and how it makes it easier to read.

Personally, I use VI in linux and it does it for me.

This is a preference. I find the Syntax Highlighting helps me find errors. (A missed quote, or imporperly formed variable, etc…) But I also use notepad to do some editing too.
OpenOffice.ORG has a FREE suite of Software to rival Microsoft Office (all but databasing). IN there the editor will also do Syntax Highlighting if you save a file as the PHP extension.

Winsyntax wasn’t listed over there. Anyone ever use “Crimson”??

Yeah, I used Crimson Editor when I took a java course at college, its pretty cool.

I have tried numerous text editors, but personally I prefer conText, which has a nice simple interface and suits my needs perfectly. I also like jEdit, which has possibly the nicest interface I have seen.

There are lots of free ones, so give them a try and see what you think. Everyone has their own personal favourite, its just finding the right one that suits you. I know a lot of people like HTML Kit. Me, I think there are too many buttons in that one. I like simple. :)

For regular discussions on text editors and advice, check out Webmaster World.

jEdit does look like a nice editor, but I’ll just stick to VIM (

Actually winsytax was in there they used its full name though - Arisesoft Winsyntax. :) . I now use JEdit but I think a beginner may be confused by all the colors and buttons and stuff… For a beginner I still recommend Winsyntax.

why is that liq?

I’ve done a lot of HTML editing over the years in various editors, is an editor thing, or a php thing?

I personally am a minimalist (give me line numbers and some basic syntax highlighting and I am happy - been told I would be happy in VI). When I am learning a language - the last thing I want to do is fight with the editor to get it to do things (I always wonder is it me or the editor that is messing up :) ).

So I guess it’s an editor thing because when I am programming in other languages I am the same way. But then again the largest program I have ever written was only ~4000 lines in about 6 files. And since I wrote them all - I knew where everything was and what it did.

html - I use notepad usually (90%). Don’t know how to use any of the WYSIWYG editors and the few times I played with them I was more confused and frustrated then if I just wrote it.

PHP - jedit (for larger stuff) or winsytax (for small stuff)

[quote author=“lig”]I personally am a minimalist (give me line numbers and some basic syntax highlighting and I am happy - been told I would be happy in VI). When I am learning a language - the last thing I want to do is fight with the editor to get it to do things (I always wonder is it me or the editor that is messing up :slight_smile:

I personally use TextPad - it’s like Notepad, only with syntax highlighting, the ability to open several files at once, and line numbers. It’s got lots of syntax definitions for any language you can think of free to download at their site. I used to use Notepad, and then I tried this and never went back.

I use Dreamweaver (since my company decided to foot the bill.) I spend about 90% of my time in the code view, only jumping into design view to do tables, mostly. I can and have coded in notepad, but I have to say that doing a lot of table-in-table-in-table work (I am nested-table master) is MUCH easier in Dreamweaver. I would recommend learning HTML/CSS/PHP so that you could code it in notepad, but I don’t feel that something like Dreamweaver is a bad thing IF you know your stuff. It’s like getting a nailgun when you’re building a house. You have to know how to use a hammer to build it - but sometimes a powerful tool can save a lot of time.

thank you everyone for responding! ive read every ones response and have taken every idea into consideration. i have a much better idea of how to create a php site now. ManiacalV wrote that he uses dreamweaver, to write his code, then switches into design mode to make a table or something. i think that is the easiest way for me to create a php website, so i think im going to use that idea, except frontpage instead of dreamweaver. thank you everyone for your responses!

warm regards all!

I personally use Homesite 5.5 by Macromedia. I find that to pretty good one. Has all the bells and whistles yet simple enough for a beginner to use. Only problem it isn’t free. Cheap and well worth the money, but not free.

Code highlighting is only one of basic features of php editor.

The other ones at leat must be the following: autocomplete for php and html to type code faster; Class view, containing all variables, functions, classses of the project; integrated help on php, html, mysql; Search in the project; ability to pass to declaration of function, class; debugger.

Any text editor (Notepad, Dreamweaver etc) doesn’t have all listed above functionalities.

For php developing I suggest to use php editor - (from all I tried) such as Zend (, Codelobster PHP Edition (
They are both pretty good.

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