Is there a glitch on the board?

I noticed that when I posted a “Code” snippet using the BB Code in brackets thing, it didn’t put the closing tag at the end of the code until after I hit submit. I thought maybe it was missing the tag so I added it, and then when the message posted there were two closing tags.

Is that me or is it a glitch? It also happened to me with “Quote”

The problem is I wanted to add comments after the code snippet, but if I hadn’t added my own closing tag, my comments would have been inside the code section, instead of below it.


No, there is no glitch. What you are doing is hitting the starting tag, but not hitting the finish tag. You probably just type it in yourself. The board, on the other hand, trying to be useful, sees that you haven’t clicked the “end tag” button (clicking the “quote” or “code” or whatever again) and places the ending tag there for you.

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