Is PHP the right code for this ....

I have no knowledge of PHP other than it is can be used to create dynamic pages.

I have a number of directories that contain predominatly text files that are added too each day. Is it possible to create a set of pages that each day will show me if there are new files in specific directories and then display the file name and a specific line on a page so users could click on the link and the approriate file would open (be viewed).

Users currently use Coppernic Desktop Search to find the files they require and it works extremely well. But … users with multiple search terms are finding too long a process to complete and are generally only interested in what was added to yesterday. A function that CDS does not offer.

Is PHP the right code thing to use?

u can use php to do this.
but i would use “find” to get the results.
of cause u can call find from a php-script by using exec(“find -ctime 1”); … /find.html
windows: … up_id=9328

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