Is PHP Help under new ownership?


I know this place was recently put up for sale and was wondering if there is a new ownership team responsible for all the changes we are seeing now?



Yes, it’s under new ownership, everything is the same as before, nothing has changed except the owner of this user ID. I’ve been working hard to refresh and update the site, I hope you and everyone else likes it. I tried to keep the classic colors.

I don’t foresee any additional changes other then maybe some cool SMF Mods - I’m still learning learning this particular forum software and what’s available for it. I’ve been a developer for 26 years now, you’ll see me posting as TopCoder. I always wanted to run a forum in a subject matter I was interested in. I’m a hobbyist in PHP, my real strength is in with Microsoft .Net and just about any relational databases.

I work as a developer at an insurance company full time.



Thanks for the fast reply!

Really like what you are doing with the site and wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for keeping this place going!