is PHP for me?

Hello all,
I have never used PHP, and no absolutely nothing about it. The only web design I have ever done is in HTML, and I know very little about that.

What I am inquiring about is this. I am using an arduino microprocessor, it is controlling a set of outputs. To communicate to it I have an ethernet adapter and am running a webserver off of the ethernet adapter. To control the outputs of the microprocessor I have built a simple web pages with 25 pushbuttons. When you go to the address it loads in the browser. You then click a button and the arduino performs that function.

The issue is lag time. Once the ethernet card receives the request from the browser, it pauses the outputs of the arduino, refreshes the web browser, and after it gets the handshake that the browser is done, it then updates the outputs and starts running the program again. If I make a simple web page with just two buttons, and no tables or anything else at all, the response is almost instantaneous. But my program is needing around 25 or so pushbuttons, and to fit them all in a page that doesnt need scrolling, i used the table. So because of this I have to reload the entire page every single time I push a button. On average it is a 8 second delay time from the button being pushed, reload the browser, and start the program again. This is way too long.

So I entered in speed up web pages into google and read that with PHP you can write scripts which are stored in cache, allowing faster loading of web pages. If I am interpretting this right, I can design a layout, as a script, that is saved in the cache. It would load the first time i connected, and then after i hit a button it would not need to send anything back to the browser, which would make my inputs near instant, as the browser would have everything already in cache and wouldnt need to redownload the whole page everytime i click a button.

Am I correct in this thinking? and if so, where do i begin?


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