Is anybody available to help me learn a few things?

I have a cousin who is an artist and i am trying to create him a website to display his work, i have some basic web design knowledge but am not very good at php and database things yet, i have designed the site in photoshop and have all the images ready and i have a basic plan of what i want the site to do, now i just need someone to help me learn how to do make it into a functioning site.

I would really appreciate ANY help.

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First off this is a very broad question. It looks like your asking someone to build a website for you. If that’s what your asking this is probably not the right place. If you have a specific question, it will probably get answered.

Second have you thought of using a CMS like wordpress? Once it is set up your artist friend would be able to upload pictures himself without web coding knowledge.

Hope this helps.

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