Is a php white screen normal??


I’m having loads of problems trying to install php on my computer.

I’m installing WAMP Server, and running Windows Vista, and I’m following the instructions as per every tutorial I can find, but whenever I try to view a php file, it tries to ‘connect’, then just stops on a blank screen.

WAMP is not allowing me to turn it on, which I’m guessing is the main reason, but I’m getting really annoyed with it now, lol.

I must be doing something wrong, but can anyone shed any light into why this might be happening?

Thanks everyone :smiley:.

YOu actually do not just open it up.

Go into the browser and type localhost/yourfile.php in the address bar.

That should allow you to see your PHP script in action.

I’m presuming you’re trying to set up your WAMP environment by installing Apache, MySQL and PHP separately? If so, you’re going to have to configure Apache to accept incoming connections (and to let the PHP engine handle *.php files). You can find the Apache config file under the directory in which you installed Apache, then /conf/httpd.conf (you can open this in your favorite text editor, even notepad will do).

Unfortunately the httpd.conf file requires some know-how. I’d encourage you to read up what the directives do, but since I’ve been at them for quite awhile and I still don’t understand most of them, and you seem particularly newbish about a WAMP environment (no offense), I’d suggest you to download a complete WAMP environment package, such as XAMPP or USBWebServer. That way, you can skip the install/config steps and get right to scripting your PHP files and viewing them from the localhost.

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