Ip net being pulled and sent

Hi, I am searching and have been searching fo a solid week now for the solution to a php/mysql issue? I am trying to integrate dolphin community with idevaffiliate.
I was given code to place in specific places within the dolphin php script which gets the AMOUNT and TRANSACTION ID along with the visitors IP address and sends this information to idevaffiliate. A commission is then created.

The problem is that idev affiliate receives the call but places the commision in a NON COMMISIONED SALE.
The transaction ID and amount are received but the users UIP is not being sent - It is however being input into MYSQL database. BUT… The IP being sent to idev is the SERVER IP and not the Users.

idev asked me to ask dophin to examine the code to see what could be causeing this. They say the code is fine. idev techs have no idea why the ip isnt being sent.
My host doesnt know? and I have installed and tested on 2 different servers/locations.

Any help or advice to solve this would be appreciated.

My thoughts are that the server security measures are stopping the call. My host as therefor disabled mod_security and that makes no difference. All parties involved, idev and dolphin say the lode looks fine?

Thanks for any advice

PS, im not a coder or programmer and only understand the very basics of the basics so and reply please speak in laymans terms. Thanks.

How is the information being sent between the scripts?

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