ip adres decryption PHP



I once saw someone that decrypted an IP on the source to an decrypt to this: 272HSh2jkahswyqa

Does someone know how they did it. I would like have it for my game server.

[php]var flashvars = {

“client.allow.cross.domain” : “1”,
“client.notify.cross.domain” : “0”,
“connection.info.host” : “”, // this IP need to be secued and decrypted
“connection.info.port” : “30000”,
“site.url” : “<?php echo $path; ?>”,


i would like to change the IP to a random number/letters but my server needs still able to connect with the host


An IP address, as the name implies, is just an address. It’s not encrypted so you can’t decrypt it.


As the guy above me said, an IP address is just a string. There’s nothing to decrypt.


Yes, Squashing, there are several ways to use encrypted IP’s in your type of routines.
This is used so that people can not see the IP address when they right-click on your page
and VIEW-SOURCE. This is only a problem if you are using Javascript or JQuery or AJax as
they are BROWSER-SIDE code systems and anyone can see the code.

So, the problem is that you are attempting to use a Flash plugin. This Flash plugin would need
to be coded to read the encrypted IP address and know how to change it back. Quite often it
will be simple encryption or even just a hash of some sort.

But, your problem is that you need to be able to know what YOUR flash plugin program options
are to figure out how to protect your IP address. You would have to research your plugin further.

Hope that helps.