iOS vs Android & Windows


I’ve been programming for many years in PHP and have a number of successful sites but one is causing me grief!
The site assigns drivers to wedding cars and if there are several weddings on a particular day, the first one cannot be accessed by a browser (Chrome or Safari) using iOS. Android and Windows systems are fine. All subsequent records can be accessed in iOS - only the first one is affected.
Technically, I’m looping through a SQL relational database and displaying data from the records found, with a “submit” button linked to a record number to access. It’s the “submit” button which doesn’t appear to work in iOS on the first record. All the other information is displaying correctly.
I’m developing in a WAMP environment, live site is on a Linux and I’m testing on iOS on iPhone 5.
Any suggestions (including “Use Windows or Android, then!”) would be most welcome.
YiC - Phillip


Doesn’t appear to work as in, is disabled? does nothing? What? Have you testing this in an emulator to see if you get the same effect, and have traceability?


The button is displayed but pressing it has no effect. On 2nd and subsequent record displays for the same day, pressing the button take you on to the next screen.
I haven’t tried and emulator. Which one would you recommend?