Invite Code

I tried working on a simple script that I thought was simple but now I am starting over from scratch.

Already running a program but I do not want people to register on my site unless I invite them to do so. I would like to add into the program that

  1. I send a person a invite code
  2. They can enter the code then they will be able to register.
  3. The invite code can only be used once.
    The invite code I can enter via backend mysql so do not have to work with a admin area. As I can do that part as I used four fields invite code, date ( It was used ), tries ( If someone else used the code), active (0-active or 1- Already Used)
    I do not know much about php but enough to get though except this simple task. Like I said I am starting from new as the code was more messed up. Just had a hard time with a person entering the code search the DB to check if they can make it pass.
    Thanks for any HELP!
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