Internal Server error 500 occured in PHP application

I have a PHP application built wit codeigniter. One of my module uses PHPExcel library, which reads the excel row by row searches the id if it already exists in the database. Sets few flags and then moves further. Now i am getting an error 500 while parsing the file.

Block removing the code shows the problem is while it queries the database (runs the select query).

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Aside from turning error reporting on, make sure all the files it needs are in the right place.

All files are in the right place. As I said, the app worked fine previously. Its been only a few days its causing this problem. Is there any way I can debug the 500 Internal Server Error?

Tutn error reporting on.

Aparna, if you know the line that is giving you the error, post it for us to look at. Or, at the very least give some info on the details. MySQL? MS-SQL? IIS-6.0? Shared or dedicated server? There are limits on shared servers and “free” servers that can cause 500 errors. Is it hosted on a Windows or Apache server? (Each have their own version of error 500’s!)

Is the error just on a query? Then, test your query directly using your control panel and it will give you more info on the error cause.

500 errors are caused by a huge number of reasons. Give us a little more info. Thanks!

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