interesting php problem


i have one php registration page, with some text boxes, and one file upload for user photo,

now problems are : 1) data successfully insert into database, @ my office pc, with image (photo of user) at home pc same file i run, data inserted into db, but img field show 0B meanse image not uploaded into db,

problem 2: all these done if i pass file name in form action meanse same file which containing all registration fields, meanse same file from submit button pressed,

littel problem but i’m not able to detect whts ext problem, help needed, my code file and database’s attached here please download and, please check it for me, please…help… HELP.gif

same old same old:

  • turn on display errors and error reporting (E_ALL).
  • make sure all mysql errors are echoed (or die mysqlerror)
  • don’t expect someone to test your entire code

my guess: low memory limit or no write permissions on the upload folder, with no error reporting this will silently result in no uploaded file, and an empty string (no file read) being inserted into the database. (different servers have different settings on errors, memory and folders)

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